San Diego Comic Con 2001

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I recently dug out and scanned my photos from San Diego Comic Con, waaay back in 2001. Here’s a small selection. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced, total sensory overload – but in a great way! Once you’ve been to a few of these events you get more used to it, but back then I was in a constant state of awe, wandering around and randomly bumping into people like Lou Ferrigno and Traci Lords, as well as meeting a whole bunch of comic book pros, including my first meeting with Karen Berger.

I wandered out the back of the convention centre and seen next to me this old fella in a baseball cap having a smoke… I instantly recognised him as the 1966 Batman TV series’ very own Frank Gorshin AKA The Riddler (see pic). Being young and naive, and not realising the crowds indoors paid good money to chat with and photograph these celebrities, I went ahead and said hello to him. Well, Frank turned out to be a really affable, down-to-earth guy who stood and chatted with me for five minutes, then graciously allowed me to take this photo – it’s one of my favourite pics from the whole convention.

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